Why Should You Choose Virgin Media?


It’s a great time to be a TV viewer in the United Kingdom. Between Freeview (not to mention it’s + and HD variants), BT, YouView, Sky, EE TV, and NOW TV, there are more than enough options to keep you entertained from the comfort of your own home. There is, however, one final option that I didn’t include earlier, and that’s Virgin Media.

As the second biggest pay TV operator in the UK, it’s tasked with keeping Sky on their toes and improving their service to the point where Sky are no longer the first choice for those looking to get great entertainment in their home. It’s not just TV that these two companies offer, either, because both also supply broadband and home telephony. Put simply, they’re quite similar, so why should you choose Virgin Media?

Let’s begin with their TV offering. Virgin Media’s TV is powered by TiVo, a Sky+ like box which allows you to record and manipulate live TV from the comfort of your sofa. Packing a 500GB hard drive (enough for 500 hours of TV) and three tuners, it allows for neat tricks like recording three programmes simultaneously whilst watching a fourth that you recorded earlier. It’s also got some features that simply can’t be found on Sky’s service, like built in Netflix, YouTube and iPlayer, not to mention a dedicated 10Mbps internet connection, so your normal Internet isn’t slowed by your TV viewing.

Through that box, you can get access to over 230 channels, 47 HD channels, 12 Sky only channels and even some programming in 3D. There are five packages to choose from, going from the basic ‘More TV’ package with 70 channels all the way to the fully loaded ‘TV XL’ which also features BT Sport HD. Even better, you can take Sky Sports and Sky Movies on your Virgin Media subscription too, so you won’t feel the sting of not being with Sky. Indeed, the only channel you do stand to lose by switching to Virgin Media is Sky Atlantic, which is home to the likes of Game of Thrones, The Last Panthers and more. However, if the thought of losing out on that is too much, you could always sign up to NOW TV.

Moving on to Virgin Media’s broadband offering, we can truly begin to see the light between the two companies. Put simply, Virgin Media have the best broadband offering in the entire country, with even their most basic offering beating Sky’s most expensive deal hands down. From their Super 50 Fibre with 50Mbps broadband to their VIVID 200 Fibre with 200Mbps broadband, the company offer lightning fast and stable broadband to huge swathes of the country. They also never throttle or cap your broadband usage, so you can stream as much 4K Netflix as your heart desires without fear of bumping up against arbitrary limitations.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to sign up with Virgin Media though is their quad play deals. Because Virgin Media offer TV, broadband, home phone and mobile telephone contracts, they’re the preferred destination for millions of Brits who don’t want to spend their life dealing with bills from different companies. Those quad play deals are also some of the cheapest around, making them a highly attractive proposition for pretty much anyone, as long as they aren’t part way through a contract with another company.

Virgin Media, then, offer a TV package that’s comparable to the one offered by Sky, broadband that blows everyone else out of the water and quad play deals that no other company can match. So, what are you waiting for?


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A Happy Medium With Satellite TV


Most children love television. This is a commonly known fact and it is an issue that parents can struggle with. While many people enjoy television, there are a lot of negative things said about the damaging effects that too much television watching can have on the brain, especially those of developing children. Fortunately, a lot of television programs have adapted to this concern and there are more and more educational shows available than ever before, especially for individuals with satellite TV. The large array of channels means that parents and children can watch programs together, bonding and learning at the same time.

Channels like Disney and Nickelodeon have cartoons that teach children how to count, read, and even learn Spanish. Even programs that do not have blatantly obvious lessons like adding and subtracting still try to teach children a lesson. Many shows are filled with entertaining stories that revolve around a moral that they want to convey to the child audience. Having a giant purple dinosaur that they love tell them to be nice to other children in high definition will get the point across much better than having a parent or teacher lecture them about right and wrong.

Aside from cartoons there are plenty of educational channels that children and adults can both benefit from. Watching the “Planet Earth” series together could open up the eyes of everyone in the family to different parts of the world and animals that they never knew existed. The variety of shows that satellite TV makes available can have a whole family traveling back in time together, learning about the city constructs and social practices of 15th century England or taking a virtual tour of the Roman Coliseum. Television has the unique ability to making learning more fun and interesting than the average day to day textbook.

Watching cooking shows, music videos, and travel shows can expose children to different cultures around the world. While all of this is good, not all of the material on television is suitable for children, but luckily parents can block certain channels from being accessed by kids. Being able to monitor which parts of satellite TV a child has access to increases the chances that their relationship with the TV will be an educational one. Just like adults, kids can travel the world from the comfort of their home using nothing more than their remote control.

While it is still not a good idea to leave a child in front of the television for hours on end everyday, letting them watch some truly educational programs could inspire them to get out and do something. Watching a great soccer game could motivate a child to head outside and kick a ball around, or hearing the announcer in another language could spark an interest in learning a second language. The wide variety of programs that satellite TV provides means there are multiple lessons to be learned and a vast amount of information for children to absorb. The television does not have to be viewed as the enemy of a developing child’s mind.


How To Buy a TV Unit


Consider the height of your TV Unit; when you are sitting on your sofa, you want your eyes to line up with half to two thirds up the screen. For example, for 40″+ TV’s, it is best to look for units that range in height from approximately 300 – 550mm. There are, however, exceptions to every rule; if you have a very specific space or need for your TV then there are many options for higher or very low units.

> Practicality & Style

You will need to decide how much storage you will need for your components and DVD’s etc. Make sure you measure your components before going shopping. Also think about what kind of look you want; do you mind if your components are on show or do you want them to all be hidden behind doors or glass? If they are going to be hidden, it’s important to make sure that your remotes will work through the glass/ doors.

Are you planning to have your TV sitting on top of a TV unit or are you going to have it mounted to the wall? These are good questions to ask yourself in order to be able to narrow down your search. This will also help you to decide on what style you are after for your space.

> Space & proportion

If you have a large sitting room with a large sofa, balance it out with a long, narrow TV Unit. If you have the space, a wall unit can be a great way to incorporate your TV and media equipment neatly while becoming a feature for your home.

If you have a small space to fill, a simple unit with practical drawers and media storage will do the job nicely. Look for designs that are fuss-free with no handles as to allow it to blend with your room and other existing furniture.

The key to displaying your TV is to either centre it on a slightly longer unit or display it off-centre and balance it out with tall accessories or a floating shelf. These two options ensure the TV will look proportionate, no matter what size you decide to go with.

42″ TV

42″ TV’s look great centred on smaller units to balance out the proportions of the TV. With smaller TV’s, you also have the option to place it off-centre on a longer unit and balance it out with floating shelves, an artwork or tall decorative items.

– 1.0 – 1.8m wide units.

– Compact, practical and simple style to accommodate components.

– See: Small Basso, Sola, Prima 1.8, Small Padova, Astro.

46″ TV

46″ TV’s are best suited to TV units that range from 1.8 – 2.2m. This allows enough space either side to look visually balanced in a space. Slightly larger TV units also offer more storage for media and accessories like DVD’s and CD’s. –

– 1.8 – 2.2m wide units.

– Sleek, proportionate and great storage for DVD’s and extra components if required.

– See: Prima 1.8, Mezzi, Quadrato, Moby, Basso

55″+ TV

When you have a larger TV to accommodate and you have the space, you can choose between a long, low unit or a wall-unit. It’s a great idea to balance such a large TV out with hanging cabinets or shelves.

– 2.2 – 3.6m wide units

– Compact, practical and simple style to accommodate components.

– Wall Units that incorporate media, decorative display and practical storage.

– See: Prima 2.4, Moby, Puma, Alta

– Or Wall Units: Viano, Genova


Publicity And Media Solutions


When you think of giving a site or product exposure, people immediately think of advertising in say – The local papers, yellow pages, TV, Radio Ads, Fliers and all other sorts of advertising media. Publicity is none of the above. Advertising is Advertising and Publicity is Publicity. The way to describe Publicity is that it is usually done by writing a story or a description of something funny that happened on the way home or some topical event. This story usually involves you – but it also involves mentioning your business, giving your Name, Email, website address and anything else you wish to put into the article. This article or story is then submitted to your local newspaper editor, the local radio station, free newspapers and any other media looking for a good story to fill up their paper so that they don’t have to go looking for news.

Depending on how well the article is written as to how willing the media will be to accept your article. You may have also taken some photos or videos of the event you saw which you can admit as well. If you have written a story of your new restaurant make it credible, detail what type of food you are going to be serving, giving them an idea of what will be on the menu, what type of service they can expect and whether it is licensed or not. Also mention any successful restaurants, cafes or any eateries that you have been connected with. Mention how experienced your staff is and where they worked before. Mention how the food will be cooked and what garnishing and extras you will be serving with your meals.

All this is to encourage the reader to come and sample all your restaurant has to offer, and if the customer is hungry and eager – whatever you do don’t disappoint them. Publicity for other businesses roughly follows the same formula. You mention your Qualification, your staffs qualifications, how the establishment is set up and of courses tell them the address of your business so that they can find it. Putting a large address number at the front of your building if practical makes it much easier for you to be found. You do want people driving up and down and giving up when they can’t find it. Also if it is practical you should have a large sign and several smaller ones so that customers can see where you are whichever direction they are coming from.

If you want to put a story on TV for free or paid TV naturally you have to try and do it yourself which is usually fine if you are putting a video on YouTube or Google Video or one of the other video sites. If you want to put a small story on TV on some of the cable channels you can do it yourself, but on regular TV, you want to come across as semi professional and not a backyard, fly by night experience. There are a lot of Media professionals that are quite competitive price-wise, even compared to newspapers.

Someone once said “All Publicity Is Good Publicity”. Why do you think people throw TV, s out of hotel windows, get married for 24 hours, spend $3million on their wedding. That is because the publicity that comes from such events, makes people famous, saves careers, gets full front page, prime time TV exposure, publicity which you can not buy. It is a great way to keep people in the foreground and have people talking about them. Odd Strange and Eccentric people sell newspapers and TV time.

People who are loved by some and hated by others are a very salable item, with managers lining up to sign them up no matter what they are famous for. Therefore your business must try to find something about it that people will talk about!